Rick Fenny

WA veterinarian and vet to the legendary Red Dog

Pets and Vets

Dr Rick Fenny, founder of the Rick Fenny Group which owns the Pets and Vets brand worked for many years in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia’s north.

During that time he became the unofficial vet to the inimitable Red Dog, a kelpie that roamed the area making friends at every turn but never settling down.

The story of Red Dog was made into a film which was released in August 2011. Unfortunately Rick Fenny had to euthanise Red Dog in 1979 after a suspected dose of strychnine poisoning.

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Desert Vet revealed as Western Australian Of The Year Finalist

WA vet Rick Fenny – the star of national TV special Desert Vet – has been revealed as a finalist in the 2018 West Australian of the Year Awards.

Dr Fenny, who is best known as the real-life vet to Red Dog, the kelpie who famously roamed WA’s Pilbara region in the 70s, is in the running to win the Business category of the annual awards presented in celebration of excellence and outstanding ethics resulting in major positive social or economic impact in WA.

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6 March 2019


Hit Australian TV special Desert Vet is set to begin filming a four-part series for national and global screens in the heartland of Western Australia’s Pilbara region where legendary kelpie Red Dog roamed, as well return to the state’s stunning Gascoyne coast and – for the first time – head to the Goldfields.

The series – which will screen on the Nine Network in Australia and wildlife, science and adventure programme channel Eden TV in the UK and Europe as Outback Vet – is shooting in Karratha Port Hedland, Shark Bay, central WA and Kalgoorlie over four weeks from mid-March.

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Red Dog

Without him, the kelpie who famously roamed WA’s Pilbara region may not have lived long enough to inspire the popular Red Dog movie, but the legendary dog is just one of thousands of outback animals treated by veteran WA veterinarian Rick Fenny.

His fascinating story, which includes laying Red Dog to rest in 1979, is now subject of Desert Vet, a one-hour documentary special set to hit Australian TV screens in January. “I treated Red Dog many times over the years and he was incredibly unique and an amazing character.

But in terms of the heart-wrenching and heart-warming cases I’ve been involved with, his is just the tip of the iceberg. Rick says.

Actual collar of Red Dog
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